Our approach to responsible investment

JMI Wealth Limited (JMI) are the investment manager of the JMI Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme (Scheme).

The Scheme’s funds do not directly hold securities, instead they hold investments in underlying funds provided by a range of fund managers. We believe that this use of different fund managers and investment styles is one of the key benefits of the JMI Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme, as it means your investments are well diversified.

The selection of fund managers is made in accordance with the Scheme’s Responsible Investment Policy.

JMI prefers underlying fund managers who integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decision making process. Examples of these factors include:

  • Environment - climate change, pollution and waste and opportunities such as clean technology.
  • Social - labour management, health and safety, controversial sourcing.
  • Governance - corporate governance and behaviour.

After selecting an underlying manager, JMI will regularly review them to ensure they remain compliant with the Responsible Investment Policies set out when they were appointed. JMI will actively engage with them if changes they have made no longer align with the Scheme’s Responsible Investment Policy. JMI may divest their holdings if an underlying manager:

  • is not adhering to their stated responsible investment approach.
  • no longer meets JMI’s responsible investment expectations.
  • has sub-optimal performance where losses are attributable to ESG considerations.

The Scheme primarily invests through the following underlying fund managers. To find out more about how each manager incorporates responsible investment into their investment decision-making process, please click on the links below.

We are committed to improving the long-term viability of our business by promoting a culture of sustainability. You can learn more about this on our About Us page.

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