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We understand the importance of partnering with someone who recognises your unique needs and aspirations. That's why, at JMI Wealth, every client benefits from the expertise of a dedicated advisor. Your JMI Wealth advisor is committed to providing absolute transparency in all portfolio discussions, delivering reports in clear and straightforward language. Rest assured, they are readily available to you via phone or email, ensuring a seamless and responsive collaboration.

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Investment Professionals

Benefit from our seasoned team of investment professionals, with a wealth of experience as fund managers adept at navigating the intricacies of managing client assets. This extensive expertise enables us to provide you with a distinctive array of services. We bring a comprehensive suite of offerings to enhance your investment journey, from personalised portfolio advice to strategic guidance on asset allocation, security and manager selection, with timely market insights and commentary.

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Customised Portfolios

We provide an investment portfolio that is tailored to your needs. Focused on your best interests, your portfolio is designed incorporating a blend of managed funds and/or direct investments. With a proven track record of delivering robust investment returns across various portfolios, JMI Wealth has a solution to suit you.

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Experience. Integrity. Service.

For over 30 years, here at JMI Wealth we’ve been quietly helping to grow our clients’ wealth with unequalled service and investment portfolios that stand the test of time.

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Market Insights

The US sharemarket led the way with another good performance in June. The importance of having an active investment adviser is as important as ever to deliver a return for investors. Andrew Kelleher provides an overview of how markets have performed in June.

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We never take unnecessary risks with your money and believe strongly in diversification of capital.


We place a strong emphasis on honesty, integrity and socially responsible investment.


All our directors and advisors have had extensive experience in investing or advising on investments.


We ensure all our clients receive the highest level of service and discretion.

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