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Our clients come from all walks of life

Similar to our diverse team of advisors, our clients encompass a wide array of backgrounds. Recognising the nuances of your specific situation is crucial to us. We aim to build a deep understanding of your needs, priorities, and aspirations. This personalised approach allows us to deliver an investment solution that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements, ensuring that your financial journey is tailored to you..


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John and Joan

Newly retired couple John and Joan came to us wanting someone to look after their hard earned money, protect it and provide an income for them in retirement. A concern they had was “do we have enough?”. We gave them the comfort to relax and enjoy their retirement as they were in good hands and we would keep them updated along the way.

How we can help you
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Recently widowed, Kirsten was looking for someone who would simplify her investments so she didn’t need to worry about them. Someone who could give her comfort and take the time to explain what was happening with her portfolio and answer any of her questions. We have a number of clients in this situation and JMI Wealth are able to help them navigate the complexities of investing.

How we can help you

Working professional Ben came to JMI Wealth for us to act as a sounding board for thoughts on investing as he did not have time to do the necessary research required for what was a significant asset. Working with a team that specialise in investments allowed Ben to have one less thing to deal with in his busy life.

How we can help you
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Advice on how to manage my wealth

Our advice process is founded on genuine collaborative relationships with our clients. We will provide you with quality advice focused on your best interests and tailored to your specific needs.  The ultimate result is you will have a well-researched and constructed portfolio using the expertise of our investment professionals.

What we offer


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Grow your wealth while continuing to work

You know that the earlier you start saving, the more your investments can grow.  The work involved in investing requires planning and patience. You will have the time to create wealth in your income-earning years and we can work with you to help build and grow your investment funds.

Whether you need a sounding board for your thoughts on investing, or you do not have time to do the necessary research required for a significant asset you have, your investment advisor can provide this service to you. We work with many clients who have limited time to focus on their investments. We understand our clients and tailor our service to their needs.

Keeping you on track towards your retirement plan is as important as the investment decisions that are made day to day. Your advisor is there as a coach, sounding board and decision maker.

What we offer

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Invest my wealth for a comfortable retirement

We can assist in expanding your wealth, ensuring you're well-prepared for retirement. By building a portfolio tailored to your needs, we'll aim to provide the necessary income for a comfortable retirement.

Tell us what matters most to you. Is it having ample time to enjoy your retirement years? Your advisor will manage your investments, allowing you to indulge in your favourite activities. We'll focus on growing your portfolio's value and securing a steady cash flow, aligning with your goals. A common worry is whether you have sufficient funds for retirement. To alleviate this, we'll regularly update you on your portfolio's performance, offer future cash flow projections, and estimate income withdrawals. This approach ensures peace of mind and guards against unforeseen financial surprises in your later years. 

What we offer

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Secure your wealth for future generations

Investing for generations is what we do. We understand the importance of looking after your family, making sure that the wealth you and your parents before you have worked to generate and protect is well managed. We take that responsibility seriously. We will work with you to protect and grow your investment assets so that you are able to provide for your children and for the generations to follow.

No two families are the same, so understanding what is important and what your intentions are is crucial. This holds true for your investments. Our experienced advisors are able to navigate not just the investment markets, but the complexities of how that wealth and legacy might be passed on to future generations. We have investment offerings that allow the next generation to become familiar with investing at a relatively low entry point. Being prudent in how your funds are invested will allow your capital to grow over time as your investment horizon is not just a single generation.

What we offer

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Experience. Integrity. Service.

For over 30 years, here at JMI Wealth we’ve been quietly helping to grow our clients’ wealth with unequalled service and investment portfolios that stand the test of time.

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